Removal of construction waste

Including bulky waste, leaves and tree branches.
We provide containers from 16 m3 for loading

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Working with us you get:

We provide free containers from 16 m3 for loading
for 3-5 days
Within 24 hours after the application we bring the container to the object
Services of loaders are possible
At export on a constant basis - we give the container for longer term

How we work


Call us +38 (067) 78 888 78 or leave a request

Reconciliation and payment

We calculate the price of the service, agree on the time and place of delivery of the container
Order payment

Container delivery

Delivery of the container to the customer's object at the specified time

Waste removal

If necessary, we provide all the necessary supporting documents

Removal of bulky waste for :

Жилые комплексы, ОСББ и ассоциации домов, частный сектор

Residential complexes, condominiums and building associations, private sector If you plan to build or repair, or clean the yard from leaves and branches - you do not need to store all this garbage and wait for the car to arrive, and then load it.
CALL - and we will bring the container for a few days, for easy loading as waste accumulates.


Entertainment centers, business centers and office buildings, shops, hotels, restaurants, etc.

Are you planning repairs or building new facilities? Don't know how to deal with construction waste?
CALL - and we will bring the container for a few days, for easy loading as waste accumulates.


Educational institutions, hospitals, museums, etc.

Does the period of summer repairs or autumn leaf cleaning bring difficulties with waste disposal? Do you write off old furniture and do not know how to properly dispose of it?
CALL - and we will bring the container for a few days, for easy loading as waste accumulates.


Answers to questions:

"When will the container be brought to me?"
- Within 24 hours after the application, the container will be at your facility

"How much will it cost to supply and rent a container? And how long does it take loaders to load it?"
- Supply and rental of containers for a period of 3-5 days - FREE. You will have up to 5 days to load the container..

"We need to dispose of scrapped furniture, can you do that? And will there be supporting documents?"
-Of course we can. Furniture disposal is oversized waste. We have all the necessary documents for this and also the agreement that we will sign with you - will be a confirmation of disposal according to the law.

"We are taken out by Gazelle, what are the advantages of taking out by container?"
- To take out a Gazelle or other car, you need to quickly load all the waste that previously had to be stored somewhere. In the case of working with us - you will have a large container at the facility that can be loaded within 3-5 days as waste accumulates.

"We will have the construction within a year, can we sign a contract to keep the container with us all the time?"
-Of course we can. These are individual conditions that are agreed and discussed

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