Social responsibility

Social responsibility — this is an important aspect of the company's self-development

For many Ukrainian companies, social responsibility is an important part of business. The GreenCo Group of Companies is one of the few business structures for which the promotion of the public good is one of the priorities. Waste disposal is an essential part of society's life, it does not attract attention when the system is functioning well, but loudly shouts "picturesque" landfills in case of self-loathing. Specializing in waste management, GreenCo is already closely associated with solving social problems due to its professional activities. We are well aware that the quality of our work directly affects not only the aesthetics of city streets, but also the health of the city (ecology) and its inhabitants.

The issue of improving the environmental situation is the foundation and the main framework of the company's socially oriented policy, and the elements that complete it are openness and transparency of doing business, careful and attentive attitude to human resources, willingness to cooperate with state and public organizations.
We are convinced that it is not enough to fight the consequences of pollution, it is necessary to radically change the attitude to the natural environment in general and the principles of waste management in particular. These changes must cover both the private sector and production - companies must control the impact of their activities and services on the environment.

All Group companies in accordance with the requirements of the international standard ISO 14000 determine for themselves the manageable environmental aspects of their activities in order to minimize the negative impact on the environment by building a management system. In particular, it is a question of control of consumption by the enterprises of gas, water, the electric power, fuel, control of air pollution.
Motor transport, as well as compliance with regulations relating to environmental aspects of production activities - transportation of waste, transshipment, sorting and disposal.
GreenCo is responsible for the protection of the environment, we are always at the forefront of environmental initiatives, events, social events.

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