Removal of household waste

Tired of waiting for the garbage to be taken out?
Is there a permanent landfill in the yard?
Is it hard to smell cars picking up waste?
Then call us!

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By working with us you will get:

Timely removal according to the agreed schedule
We take out waste 365 days a year
New cars that will not create any discomfort for you
Heels in case of overflowing tanks and cleanliness after removal
Free container washing 2 times a year

Grinko is not just "garbage removal"

A comprehensive solution to all issues of waste disposal and environmental approach to their disposal


Removal on request within 24 hours
Export off schedule
No days off

Furniture, leaves and other oversized waste

One-time removal or on a permanent basis of large waste, leaves and tree branches

Support and online service

Personal manager
Online export log

A comprehensive solution for waste removal from A to Z.

From the construction of the container site and waste removal to subbotniks and lectures to the separate collection

We provide removal of household waste for:

Residential complexes, condominiums and building associations, private sectors

Successful experience working with the residential sector of Kyiv. Call us!


Shopping and shopping and entertainment centers, business centers and office buildings, shops, hotels, restaurants, etc.

Optimal solutions to the issues of waste removal in the complex both for one object and for the whole network. Call!


Educational institutions, hospitals, museums, etc.

Providing a full range of services - convenient for any field of activity. Call!


UP TO 50% SAVINGS with separate collection

Economically! Environmentally friendly! Qualitatively!

Answers to questions:

"How can you save on garbage removal?"
- One of the most effective ways to reduce waste collection costs is to attract a separate collection, which can save up to 50% of your money.

"What are the guarantees that you provide quality service?"
- You can look at the reviews of our partners or look with your own eyes at the order near their containers, because the guarantee of quality is cleanliness.

"Where do you dispose of the rubbish you take from us?"
- All, without exception, the waste we take out is sent to our own sorting station where part of the recyclable material is selected for further processing and minimization of waste disposal.

"What should I do if I do not have a container?"
- We will help you solve this problem, because we provide containers for use.

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