Separate collection is EASY!

Dual-container waste collection allows residents to greatly simplify the process of implementing separate collection. To a large extent, this also applies to the subconscious factor. Many people think that waste separation is too complicated a process, that you need to put 10 containers at home and constantly think about what and where to throw them away. That is why Grinko introduced a separate fee with two types of containers. Black is household and organic waste, as well as wet and dirty packaging. And a yellow container, where all the dry packaging goes, and this is about 70% of all garbage thrown away by Ukrainians.

Many probably now asked questions: "Where does 70% come from? That's a lot!".

A separate (yellow container) is the main part of all bulky garbage that you throw away. Plastic and glass bottles, packaging for bread, cereals, pasta, candy, chips, seeds, tea, coffee, sugar, etc., bottles of hygiene products, plastic bags and much more packaging. And often all packaging materials - take up a lot of space in your trash.
To make sure of all the above - try one week (it's a little) to divide the house waste into dry and wet fraction (separate collection and household waste, respectively). And you will make sure that you do not have a lot of household waste compared to different packaging.

Let's share the waste, together!

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