What is made from secondary raw materials?

If you take the statistics, the use of secondary raw materials in the world is growing rapidly. And this is not surprising, because the issue of ecology in our time, as never before.
In our lives, we often use things that are made from recycled materials and do not even realize it. Grinko will give simple examples to understand how important separate waste collection is. After all, it will be environmentally correct to recycle the material than to produce a new one.

Tetra Pak packaging is paper, aluminum and polyethylene. Not only is it recyclable, it must be recycled! Ballpoint pens are made of polyaluminum (a mixture of polyethylene film and aluminum foil). To make two pens, you need three packs of Tetra Pak. In addition to the pens from the recycled Tetra Pak package, you get writing paper, corrugated paper and cardboard. With a polyaluminum component of a package - composite panels, well hatches, a tile, composite boards.

Many things can be made of plastic - various building materials, stationery, bags, suitcases, backpacks, sports equipment, bicycles, garbage cans, bags, packaging materials, furniture, tables, chairs, pavements and more.
Toilet paper is made from waste paper.

Let's share the waste, together!

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